Bitcoin Investing: Atlanta Georgia

Bitcoin is an interesting, unique investment. Even though it's a virtual currency, there is a finite amount ever to be created. This means it's protected against inflation, which is the killer of most fiat paper currencies worldwide, throughout history, time and time again. This can be seen by the doubling of bitcoins value since November 2014. Security is built into the product; only the bitcoin owner can access his/her bitcoins with a private "key" which unlocks the public bitcoin. This two-way verification allows it to be stored safely in the cloud, yet only accessible by you, the individual. Unlike other currencies, it's not subject to big bank or institution policies; it's a truly border-less currency, in a global world. It's also widely known and becoming more accepted through ecommerce websites. The ability to quickly and easily exchange bitcoins makes it more practical than carrying physical assets such as cash, coins, diamonds or jewelry. Atlanta Bitcoin was the first ever bitcoin ATM machine in America, and has securely and instantly handled hundreds of thousands of transactions. If you live in Georgia, you can visit one of our locations or simply call us about large investment purchases. As with any investing, there is risk, but the risks are mitigated by built-in inflation protections, decentralization, cloud/private combination, and flexibility, if the need arises to remain more liquid.