Atlanta Bitcoin: First Ever in America

Because you deserve bitcoin access...

Hi, my name is Aaron Williams and I'm the CEO of Atlanta Bitcoin. You can expect to receive bitcoins instantly, 100% securely. Atlanta Bitcoin was created because there is a real need and demand for bitcoins. It's a recognized global currency accepted by hundreds of thousands of vendors and merchants. It's more convenient and safer than carrying around physical assets such as cash, gold, diamonds or other high value, low weight money. It's the same principle as cash, allowing you to vote with your dollars. Whether you are investing money into bitcoin to diversify your portfolio, or mitigating risk in case of emergencies, bitcoin is becoming very "real" in the sense it's empowering consumers to make their own choices, rather than rely on big banks or institutions to "safeguard" money, charging exuberant fees, draining your personal wealth. I'm passionate about bitcoin and was the first recognized publicly available bitcoin ATM owner. You can read about it here; point is, I'm committed to customer satisfaction, security, great rates, and bitcoins continued success. Thank you for business, and congratulations on owning your own bitcoins.

-Aaron Williams, Atlanta Bitcoin