Atlanta Bitcoin: Locally Owned and Operated


Best Pricing and Customer Service

Since 2013, Atlanta Bitcoin has been focused on bringing Bitcoin to the masses by providing the fastest, easiest method of purchasing bitcoins to Atlanta, Bitcoin ATMs. 

Founded by Aaron Williams (a Georgia native), who spent 13 years in the payments processing industry, Atlanta Bitcoin understands financial technology and we've used that knowlege to bring bitcoin to the masses. Our goal is simple; provide people of any skill level the ability to buy or sell bitcoin instantly, safely, and reliably. 

Even if you aren't tech savvy, bitcoins are now extremely easy to purchase; you do NOT need any technical skills. If you've used an ATM machine before you can buy bitcoins today. Instantly buy bitcoins with cash at our convenient ATM locations. As the oldest, most trusted Bitcoin ATM operator in Atlanta and industry leader our promise to you is 100% satisfaction, security, instant access to buy or sell bitcoins, and great rates.

If you want to buy bitcoin instantly but not sure where to begin, start by finding our Bitcoin ATMs in Atlanta by clicking the "Find ATMs" link above, or click "How to bitcoin" to read our blog!

-Aaron Williams, Atlanta Bitcoin